About us

Mike and Julianne are both from Connecticut, Mike from Bristol and Julianne from Glastonbury. They met through friends in 2007, when Mike had just finished his Bachelor’s degree (in English, from UConn) and Julianne had just finished her first year of veterinary school at the University of Edinburgh (in Scotland). Over the next few years Julianne came back to Connecticut when she could, and Mike made his way over to Scotland in 2010, and again in 2011 for Julianne’s graduation.

In 2012, after a year of trying their hand at a slightly more traditional relationship (Julianne in western Connecticut, Mike in Manchester), Mike started a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at San Diego State University. Julianne of course came along for the ride, and the two enjoyed three years of So-Cal living with their desert dog, Dolly.

As fun as the sun and the sand were, Julianne found herself powerless to resist the siren song of public health (and more grad school), and in 2015 the couple packed up again to move to Seattle. Mike now works as an editor and writer, and Julianne is a part-time veterinarian and full time graduate student in Epidemiology at the University of Washington, where she studies zoonoses (infectious diseases that spread from animals to humans).

About the wedding

The wedding will be at Crystal Mountain Resort in Washington (not the resort of the same name in Michigan!). The ceremony will be at the Rainier Platform, which will be accessed by a gondola from the base area. The reception will be outdoors at the base area, a minute or two walk from the base of the gondola. The gondola is VERY easy to get on to–in fact it’s wheelchair accessible–so please don’t worry if you’re not a skier, it’s nothing like a chair lift!